MMM GLOBAL — World Social Financial Network

MMM Global is Future of New World!

MMM — Global Mutual Aid Society, a new and unique social phenomenon in which people really do help each other!

To start you need:

  1. Open Bitcoin Wallet (~5-10 minutes). Charge your account in bitcoin.
  2. Sing Up in MMM Global. Fill you profile and create request to PH (Provide Help).
  3. After you will get order, you should to transfer money to participant of society.
  4. Participant who GH (Get Help) from you will confirm order and your MAVRO will be confirmed.
  5. Confirmed MAVRO grow up to 100% per month (read details about MMM EXTRA in you back office).

Together We Can Do A Lot!!! We Change The World!

You can fill MMM Global Registration form here:

MMM Global Registration Form (MMM Extra)

Fill the Form! Don’t change invite code! Contact guider for help in skype: renniexjne1