100% MAVRO in MMM India, Indonesia and Thailand from 01.04.2013

Dear Mavrodians!

We can NEVER predict what happens NEXT in MMM. “But whatever happens happens for the BEST”.
Mr. Sergei Mavrodi has proudly announced – 100% MAVRO from tomorrow, starting 1st of April 2013.
All other benifits of MAVRO will not exist, including festival Bonus.
Per month your money will grow twice, two month – four, three month – eight … etc. :)). 


You can also convert you current MAVRO to MAVRO 100% inside your cabinet on Mavro menu:
Convertation to 100 percents MAVROConvertation result:
Mavro convertation to 100 pers per month - result


For new deposit you also will see only one 100% per month!Just one deposit in MMM Asia - India, Indonesia and Thailand - is 100 percents per month

BONUS: Watch new video report from MMM Indonesia participants!!!