Dear MMM Indonesia participants! Some words from Sergey Mavrodi

Dear MMM Indonesia participants!
Thanks to you we managed to overcome all the difficulties. I mean the start of MMM in your country. Congratulations on that!
Now I want to clarify a few technical issues. Why did we have so many different kinds of deposits at the stage of start up of MMM? Why did we have 50% bonus and later 100% per month? It is very simple! This is for you to understand that it is not just the dream but the reality. You could see yourself that our System could easily take such a serious pressure and load. Usually people tend not to believe that this is possible. The banks have managed to make us believe in this stereotype. They do not give such percentages to ordinary people but they can rather give it to themselves. So why should we feed those that make money out of nothing? Like money from the air. You all have neighbors, friends or close relatives that may need help. May be you can even save someone’s life! That is why I started this International Mutual Help Fund where people exchange their free money. The money that they can give away as charities and donations.
Now that you have shown up a good start I stop the bonus of 100% and we will continue with the 30% deposit per month. It will be easy for you now to keep on going our MMM System since you have already shown great results. I have no doubts that you will bring the true meaning and the ideology of MMM to other people. When you participate in our System you make a kind thing to happen and change this world towards a better future. We all have enough lies around us. Everyone is thinking only about his own pocket. People should learn how to help each other for free without expecting anything back. It should not be that some people work really hard in order to feed their families while others pervert since they don’t know what to do with their billions of dollars of wealth. The society should be equal! Human helps the human (this translated to Indonesian language sounds like: “Menusia membantu menusia”). It reflects the whole idea of MMM.
The Financial Apocalypse is inevitable!