MMM Extra Energy

MMM Extra EnergyExtra Energy

Many people join MMM for the money. However, with time the participants understand the ideology of MMM and become conscious of its potential. That is important. Why does MMM exist much more than many online and #MLM projects?! Because there is a core of participants who treat #MMM as their own deal. When your relatives get in troubles you don’t leave them to fend for themselves. You rather do your best to help them. So, MMM is just the same, it’s a living body. If there are difficulties the authentic participant won’t leave the Community but will try to work better.

MMM team chemistry. It’s impossible to act globally and reach ambitious goals we set without team chemistry. But how does this team chemistry appear and how is it possible to provide the maximum number of participants with this feeling?

Firstly, everybody has to see that there’s justice in MMM concerning both final goals and individual aims. The MMM Extra program gives active participants training and extra income opportunities. There’s already no artificial equalization. The remuneration to each participant is personalized, therefore, it more fair.

Secondly, the participants have to be involved into the development activities of the #Community. When you invest only your money you don’t appreciate the project and start to look for another one when facing first challenges. However, if you invest your time, efforts and expectations you become a real member of the Community. The #MMMExtra program gives both managers and ordinary participants an opportunity to feel involved in the common cause, in the growing and global movement.