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Update For Users From South Africa And Nigeria!
Dear users in Nigeria and South Africa! Now, replenishment of personal balance, as well as withdrawal of funds from the balance is available on bank cards of Nigerian and South African banks. In the section “My finance” the corresponding items “NGN” and “ZAR” are added. Attention! The operation of replenishing the balance requires confirmation by a screenshot of the payment.
Also in the “Trading” section, pairs are already available for purchase and sale, respectively, EDR / NGN and EDR / ZAR. We wish you all profitable trades!

Note: on 31st of August 2017 all operations are going well. Soon also wait IDR on this platform.
Web site:


One more big trading platform is that works long time in Indonesia, South Africa, Malaysia and Nigeria:

Luno makes it safe and easy to buy, store and learn about Bitcoin in Indonesia, Nigeria, Malaysia and South Africa.

Note: on 31st of August 2017 all operations are going well.
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Leader of cryptocurrency transactions in Indonesia is

Buy / Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum
and other Digital Assets. is an online platform where you can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum
and other Digital Assets in Indonesia.
Register now to gain the optimal experience in trading Digital Assets!

Note: 459,692 members are already on board on 31st of August 2017.
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Common and major exchanger of Bitcoins for many countries is

Buy and sell bitcoins near you.
Instant. Secure. Private.
Trade bitcoins in 15138 cities and 248 countries including Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore.

Note: You can see status of all traders and get fast transactions.
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MMM recommends to avoid taking loans from banks or investing your money in banks — their interest rates are merely extortionate, and you may fail to get out of the red later.

Sometimes a bank may transfer money to a bank card by mistake. Don’t be too happy if it happens to you — the bank will take what belongs to it at any cost.

Don’t spend this money

If the money is transferred by mistake, the bank will surely take it back. If you try to take it, you will fail and make the bank your spiteful enemy. Ignore these funds — just forget about them. You don’t need to do transfer paperwork, log into the online bank, validate transactions with SMS codes, etc. The bank will take this money back on its own.

Attention! If you’re asked to do something to return this money, it’s highly likely you’re being duped. Some conmen send texts to people about the alleged transfer of money to their bank cards on behalf of banks. Then they make a call posing as a victim and telling a story of a mistaken transfer, then asking tearfully to transfer this amount back. It’s a con. If you find yourself in this situation and have your doubts as to whether it’s true or not, recommend this person to contact the bank. The bank will know how to solve this problem the right way.

If you spend the money

If the card holder withdraws the money transferred by mistake, it causes them a lot of trouble:

  • The bank will call asking to return the money.
  • The bank will sue the card holder if they don’t return the required amount.
  • In 99 % of the cases the bank will win the action, while the card holder will also have to pay the legal costs. You can only win the action if you have top-notch lawyers (whose services cost over 10 000 dollars), but even then it happens very rarely.

Steer clear of banks

Nothing good can come out of spending money transferred to you by mistake. It’s best to join MMM and receive help from other members. The Community allows you to earn a good monthly income — the conditions are far better than the ones banks offer, and no one will take your money.



Dear members:

Please be informed that due to that Get Help (GH) volumes exceeded Provide Help (PH) volumes and it caused a delay with matching requests to get help, the System has to make Mavros acquired up to August 5 not available for withdrawal. Mavro acquired after August 5 can be withdrawn as usual. Now, since PH and GH volumes will be balanced, when someone creates a request to withdraw Mavros acquired after August 5, his request will be immediately dispatched. As the freezing does not apply to Mavro-100%, you may withdraw your confirmed Mavro-100% now in accordance with weekly maximums and make sure that it works.

What’s next? When PH volume increases and is sufficient, the Mavro availability date will be moved. Now it is Mavro acquired up to August 5 which are not available for withdrawal, while the date can be kept moving back to August 1, then to July 25, and so on. We do not intend to delay release of Mavro artificially: as soon as the Community development and dynamics allow, the date will be moved and Mavros will become available for withdrawal.

We beg all the participants to understand: should there be any other solution, except by restricting Mavro withdrawal until a certain date, it would be adopted. But there was no other way out. We tried our best: weekly maximums for withdrawal have been implemented, promo tasks contest has been launched, Mavro-100% has been introduced. You made your efforts as well: after Mavro-100% introduction a lot of members provided help. The members created Provide Help requests for little amounts – usually just for several thousand naira. Unfortunately the total volume of these PH-requests was insufficient to match all the GHs. But we are really grateful to the loyal participants for their will to support MMM at the crucial moment.

The reason of these problems lies in that the innovations have been introduced too late. The introduction delay was not intentional. Every new feature requires time for planning, development, testing, and implementation. If the weekly maximums would have been introduced several weeks ago, it would not be necessary to resort to making Mavro not available for withdrawal. Unfortunately the past cannot be changed… The most important now that we have the tools to balance PH and GH volumes. In the future, we must avoid such problems. You will personally make sure how sustainable our Community will be thanks to these maximums.

MMM is really working on improvement and refining of the Provide Help and Get Help matching algorithm. You can see our upgrades for yourself. Of course, everybody decides himself how to act in the future. But we will be very grateful if you stay with us and support our joint cause. We remind that you should use your spare money only, do not forget about the “Warning”. It absolutely does not matter which amount you use to provide help, how small it is. The main issue is your desire to help other people and be a part of a progressive Community of mutual help.

Together we are changing the world!



MMM members support each other financially and receive a steady monthly income at the same time. To consolidate their progress and provide for themselves and their families for a lifetime, a lot of our members launch their own businesses.

With MMM, you’ll see it’s easy to save up for a business. However, saving up and starting a business is not enough — it’s important to develop it which is not something anyone can do. Some lose to competitors, others cannot bear the moral coercion, still others don’t have the stamina.

Don’t do business if:

  • You don’t have enough startup capital. To start a business, you need money. You can easily save up by joining the MMM Community. However, you must make sure you have got enough: calculate the amount you need to start a business and save up another 20–30 % on top of this amount as a reserve just in case.
  • You don’t have enough time. Having your own business is not a part time employment. You cannot become a successful businessman if you work on your business on weekends only.
  • You have no desire to study the market and make a business plan. Before you start a business, you must gather intel on your competitors, study supply and demand for products and services, purchasing power, etc.
  • You have faults that are incompatible with business. Lack of character, laziness, lack of discipline, sluggishness and lack of intelligence make a recipe for disaster.
  • You have no knowledge of entrepreneurship and you don’t want to study. A businessman must have a good handle of business practices if they want to make profit. To achieve this, study new materials regularly and work on yourself.
  • You lack self-confidence. Confidence in your own abilities makes up 50 % of success. A self-confident person will surely reach their goal.

By joining the MMM Community, you will easily save up for a startup capital. While you are saving up, come up with an idea, study the market and read books on entrepreneurship to become a successful businessman yourself real soon!



The global statistics related to loans is appalling: 8 out of 10 persons are indebted to banks, 20 % of loans is overdue, 10 % is unrecoverable and 8 % is taken to repay other debts.

Gradually, people get caught in the “loan trap” and cannot get out of it — they become slaves to banks. Moreover, if someone cannot pay interest on a loan, collectors hired by the bank come to collect their debts. Who are these people?

Collectors are like fight dogs

All banks resorts to collectors’ services. Collectors chase up debts from people who cannot repay loans. They are not interested in the reasons. They are like fight dogs: once they get their claws into you, they won’t let go.

Assume you owe 30 dollars to a bank. It’s a small amount, but it’s enough to be hunted down. If you missed your payments 2 or 3 times, you’re looking for trouble. First, you will start getting calls with demands to repay your debts. Then, they move to more drastic measures and threaten you with prosecution.

For them, even 30 dollars is a big amount. After all, 70 % of loans are less than 200 dollars. The total debt consisting of these small loans is quite bit. Therefore, even a small delay in payment is a big deal for banks.

Collectors call you, your relatives, friends and acquaintances. They come to your house and office, wait for you after a teacher-parent conference at the school your kids attend.

Collectors threaten you with court proceedings unless you satisfy their demands; they will make an inventory of your property, leave you penniless and won’t even blink — it’s just a job. Banks often resort to the services of “shadow collectors” who use more aggressive methods and might even threaten you with bodily harm.

Steer clear of collectors with MMM

All are equal in MMM — there’s no top or bottom here. No one threatens you or your loved ones here. It’s a unique community that is building a just world.

If you’re bothered by collectors, you can also get rid of them with the help of MMM — our monthly rates make it a lot easier to repay loans. By contributing to MMM, you get a chance to forget all about loans — you can repay them and never again get into debt with the banks. MMM offers conditions that are way better than with the banks!

MMM NEWS DIGEST — 14.08.2017


Hey everyone! Last week our Mutual Aid Community grew even stronger. A lot of active new members and ambitious leaders joined us. We’re growing and gaining momentum by the minute, moving steadily towards the target goal — building a new just world.

As usual, out Community hosted a lot of outstanding events, and it would be a shame not to mention them in this weekly digest. Here we go! :-))

  • The Brazilian team hosted a detailed two-hour presentation of MMM following which ALL attendees became members of our Mutual Aid Community. It’s just perfect! Actually, MMM has become so popular in Brazil we don’t have enough time to create WhatsApp groups which simply cannot bear the load of so many users. Each group literally becomes full in a week. :-))
  • Having received help, many MMM China members start to actively promote our Community in the web. In blogs, social networks, forums and other platforms where MMM promotion by its members is still very active. We recommend all our members to do the same. Both MMM benefits from it, and you personally are awarded bonuses. :-))
  • The Peru team completed another round of training at the offline Guider School. This time the training group was packed full — hurry up and sign up in advance. The same holds true for Columbia that has also brought a lot of new ambitious guides into the system — they’re inspired and ready for the hard work for the benefit of our Mutual Aid Community.
  • New member at MMM Mexico think twice before they act. :-)) Over half of all newly registered members provide help immediately upon registration. And rightly so — what is there to think about? Follow their lead.
  • Last week Argentina and Ecuador demonstrated unbelievable growth of new help provision cases. Naturally, MMM is developing very actively in these countries, but this surge surpassed all expectations. Well done!
  • MMM Thailand and Myanmar keep up their stable and efficient operations. It’s all clear: members receive their payments in full. All amounts are paid promptly. In their turn, members receive help and record Good Luck Letters regularly.
    For example:

    • Receipt of help worth IDR 70,720,000 at MMM Thailand
    • Receipt of help worth BTC 3.47 at MMM Myanmar
  • Last week Indonesia hosted a whole range of MMM-related offline events throughout the country. This is exactly how a country must be joined in our Community. Recruiting new members throughout the entire country — now, how cool is that? ;-))
  • MMM Australia’s official YouTube channel has been publishing Good Look Letters from its members since last week. This is where you can watch and listen to a lot of interesting stories that are regularly published. So come by to check it out. We’re waiting for you :-))
  • MMM RSA’s guides keep arranging offline events and publishing video reports at the “MMM Abroad” section! Each week they host a number of fabulous events and the last week was no exception. ;-))
  • Zimbabwe launched a system-wide Telegram chat for MMM members. Members use the chat to talk, share their expertise, tell their stories, show interesting photos and videos. Communication is in full swing.
  • Kenya, Ghana and Turkey also hosted lots of events. Over 5 events in each country. That is just in a week! In other words, there was an MMM-related event each working day in each of these countries. It’s a terrific result!
  • Ghana is currently creating a call center for outgoing calls and recruiting operators. If you want to work for the benefit of MMM Ghana, send in your applications. Contact us via Support. We’re waiting for you!
  • Nigeria rewarded winners of a recent competition who had worked really well for the benefit of MMM. The winners were really happy with their prizes. We couldn’t leave out the latest charity events in Nigeria. The 7th issue of Mavronews for Africa included an overview of these events. We recommend you to watch it:
  • The beginning of last week marked 11 months since MMM Philippines has been operating in a stable and efficient manner while making full payments with no delays. It’s an excellent result. In a month we’ll be celebrating our first anniversary!
  • As we mentioned before, MMM Turkey hosted lots of terrific offline events. Moreover, it’s worth noting that one of the guiders made a wonderful cut-together from Good Luck Letters published by the members of his structure. It was really interesting. Watch it here:
  • Finally, we’d like to add that last week all MMM countries witnessed registration of older Bitcoin users. Even though cryptocurrency used to be an undertaking for the young, now Bitcoin’s popularity with older audiences is growing. It’s only natural as cryptocurrency is safe and profitable and easy to use since all detailed guidelines are available on our web-site.

Photos and videos:

Let’s sum up:

Out Mutual Aid Community continues to move forward rapidly and steadily. We’re developing, getting better and stronger by the minute. Progress cannot go unnoticed, and this weekly digest confirms these words.

We’re confident that MMM will continue to grow actively and operate successfully while paying fantastic rates that banks cannot event start to fathom to all members in a steady and efficient manner.

MMM is building a new just world, and you — MMM members — are its key makers. Remember about this. You’re the power!

See you next week!

Best regards, MMM Administration



Within MMM, you can provide help using one of the two options: conventional currencies and the bitcoin cryptocurrency. We recommend using cryptocurrency as it’s faster, safer and more profitable.

When Bitcoin first appeared in 2009, few people believed in its success. Today, it’s dubbed a real breakthrough, and evidence confirms this.

Increase in Working Capital

    • Over the first two years of Bitcoin existence, its total market value rose up to 1.5 mln dollars.
    • In another couple of years it totaled $145 mln, i. e. it rose ten-fold.

But there was more to come.

  • By 2014, the value amounted to 10 bln dollars.
  • Today, Bitcoin values has successfully surpassed a threshold of several dozens of billions.

It’s a fantastic money growth rate in a relatively short period of time.

Increase in Venture Capital Investment

Venture capital investors are financiers who invest in new ventures, projects, technologies, to help develop them and earn a profit on them later.

  • In 2013, venture capital investments in Bitcoin and blockchain startups totaled $96 mln.
  • Over the next year, investments grew by three and a half times and amounted to $335 mln.
  • In 2015, this value reached $490 mln.
  • Now that investors are finally convinced of Bitcoin sustainability and profitability, they continue to actively invest in it.

Considering these facts, we can easily dub Bitcoin a breakthrough technology and a safe niche for investment. Cryptocurrency is about to change the existing financial relations.

Change is already underway. If you haven’t used Bitcoin up to now, it’s high time to start. Just try it, and you will see how easy, safe and profitable Bitcoin is. All guidelines on using cryptocurrency are available on our web-site. Go for it!



In 1981, psychologist E. Morrow introduced a notion of job burnout. It means a deterioration of emotional state in a person who has been engulfed in work. In the situation of a financial crisis, this condition becomes more frequent. In 2000, 3 % of employees suffered from it; today, this number is over 15 %.

The load on the people has grown, while the salaries have dropped and the prices have surged. People are looking for new ways to earn money and work their tails off for 10–15 hours per day. But MMM will help you relax and defeat this unpleasant condition. You will have a clear head once again.

How can you defeat job burnout?

  • Use the “three eights” rule: spend eight hours on work, entertainment and sleep. In 2 weeks, you will feel it’s working. Don’t work for more than 8 hours, especially to the detriment of sleep — it will ruin you. Join MMM and earn fantastic money each month. This will provide you with an extra income and will rid you of extra work.
  • Don’t take business paperwork and records home to spend the evening over them after the dinner, while pondering over a new project. Work at your workplace, rest at home. Read books, watch interesting programs, contribute to MMM, play with your kids, do something for fun — relax and recover for more workdays to come.
  • Go to the gym, but don’t exhaust yourself with tiring sessions after a hard workday. If you’re tired, just work out on a treadmill or dance for half an hour. The key is taking your mind off work and putting your mind on hold.

While you contribute to MMM, you don’t have to strain your brain or work physically for an extra income. Providing help to another member and earning a percentage of the amount is a matter of a few clicks. Don’t overload yourself with work, live for yourself!