Hello! Here is the news. What news actually can there be? Everyone is celebrating holidays. All are in a festive mood. So, there is no news. Nevertheless, I hope that this new year 2016 will become the year of MMM.The System will progress to a new stage, I’m not even expecting, but am sure in it. But I want to repeat again that, for our part, we will make every effort, but everything will depend on you, the guiders and participants. The System is you. And everything, in fact, relies on your activity. I am constantly repeating it. But as the experience shows, it is worth being reminded. Ok. I wish everyone a Happy New Year. I suppose my next video message to give more information about routine work. That’s it. Ok. Happy New Year. See you next time.

As well, I believe that the Financial Apocalypse is inevitable. Together we change the world!