Hello! Here is the news. It’s already common practice that we don’t have any extraordinary news recently. The main news is that everyone gets paid. And we don’t need any other news. The System is evolving and growing in strength. And it’s the main thing. Actually, some technical, i.e. merely working issues are constantly arising. Since I’m asked to note some aspects, indeed, we have at times a kind of technical problems, but it’s merely work process and to my mind there’s no need to pay any special attention to it. In other words we solve them as they arise, on a routine basis. We are aware of them all: you shouldn’t think that if I don’t mention them, means – we don’t know about them. In fact we do and resolve them as many as possible. So don’t worry about them. As for the rest, let me repeat that everything is excellent and marvelous and will be even better. Ok, see you next time.
As well, I believe that the Financial Apocalypse is inevitable. Together we change the world!