Hello! Here is the news. Everything is marvelous in the Republic of Bitcoin, growth dynamics is excellent. All is wonderful. However last time, in several recent days there were problems that both – neither GH nor PH orders were issued. It was due to control payments we carried out. In view of this reason we couldn’t issue orders while these payments hadn’t been completed. In other words it’s a part of technical issues. By the way, it’s an example of what any kinds of innovation, even reasonable at first sight, may bring to. They always have side effects which can never be estimated beforehand. And until you understand what the problem is, many things can happen. Otherwise, how the participants should behave when there no PH and GH orders had been issued for about four days. So how could we explain that it happened due to the control payments. We couldn’t know ourselves, that it would have such an effect. However now it worked out, the majority of the participants got control payments. Thus in the near future everything will be resolved. This whole delay. It’s like that by the time of this video edition all this issue will have disappeared. It’s definitely such an illustrative example how careful you should be in the face of any new developments. Since everything is well, running its course, it’s better not to undertake anything. As in a mechanism which is well-adjusted and working, any innovation should be introduced in case of emergency. It’s no sense in doing this for no particular reason. Ok, what else to add? As a whole, I’m repeating, everything is wonderful. Some technical issues like this arise periodically, but we solve them on a current basis. See you next time.
As well, I believe that the Financial Apocalypse is inevitable. Together we change the world!