Hello! Here is the news. This week I do have some news to share with you. All of you know that this week we’ve had some issues with Personal Offices. They didn’t work properly. Some failures occurred. What I would like to say is that you shouldn’t be so sensitive to it. It is a usual work process. The system is rapidly developing. Thus, unfortunately, we can’t avoid this kind of failures. All companies and firms, not only us, have them. It’s another thing when they tend to happen too often. Then it may raise concerns. As for us, we may have them. Not too often. But sometimes they occur. Of course, we will do our best to avoid them. But again I want to repeat this is a part of a work process. This is how you should treat the situation. You should understand that nothing wrong or extraordinary happened. There might be a failure lasting for a few hours. But you must be absolutely sure that in the few hours the system will be restored. Moreover, we always try to warn in advance, set time. I am saying all this not because all these problems will keep happening. No, it’s an isolated case. And I hope we won’t have these incidents further. I am just making the situation clear for you. I hope that in the nearest future there won’t be any system failures any longer. Ok. We are changing the equipment soon. We will warn about it. I discussed it with the programmers. They assured me that the participants wouldn’t feel it. There won’t be any shutdowns or failures in personal offices. We will do it in background mode so everything will be ok. Well. What else to say? Everything is running its course. The system is rapidly developing. Everyone gets paid. The participants are happy. That’s what really matters. All the technical problems are solvable. If only they mattered, we wouldn’t have to worry about anything as technical problems can be easily solved. Ok. What else to say. It seems that’s all. See you next time.

As well, I believe that the Financial Apocalypse is inevitable. Together We Change the World!