Hello! Here is the news. As our things are going perfectly, we don’t have much news today. The main news is that everyone gets paid. The System is evolving and all is in the regular course of work:-). There are no any cataclysms or disturbances. Accordingly we don’t have news. As I have no news, I would like to draw your attention to another thing. So, I’ve recently read that 216 of the wealthiest families of the world nowadays seem to possess half of all financial resources of the Earth. Which means that the rest of the population has the second half thereof :-). Notably, about one or two years ago practically there such situation was there, by the way the number of the mentioned families was 1000, not 200, i.e. at that time 1000 of families enjoyed that very half and now they are already 200. So, what does it mean? Come to think of it, it means that the modern financial system is deeply corrupt. It is functioning in the way that as time goes the resources are collected in hands of a small trickle of people, and the rest population of the Planet are working for them. It doesn’t matter what they tell or explain you, whatever reasons give… here are the facts. There’s such a trend and everything is so structured that with time all things come into possession of a limited number of people. All the rest are just their work-force. I’m constantly repeating that the today’s world financial system is unjust. There’s no need to make any super complex arguments, start any discussions. You should just have a look at dynamics, that there’s the concentration of the means in the hands of the very few people. And all the rest milliards are working for them. That’s what the modern world financial system stands for. In this way think about it at your spare time and decide for yourself. MMM was created specifically to struggle against it. And the fact of successful existence of MMM in an extremely aggressive environment… :-) actually authorities don’t welcome us. So, the fact of effective existence shows that everything isn’t hopeless. That it’s necessary to struggle and there will be the results. Actually the results are already there. Then see you next time.
As well, I believe that the Financial Apocalypse is inevitable. Together we change the world!