Hello! Here is the news. Well, there”s only one piece of news: everything is wonderful and great. The System is evolving very rapidly. The participants are happy and content. You can see it from the Letters of Happiness. In other words, all is simply perfect. Of course it isn”t our job, but the Administration”s, I won”t withhold truth:). Though mainly, without doubt, it”s the result of activity of the participants and guiders, who are very active, developing the System, telling their acquaintances and friends about it. I constantly repeat that the System is represented by its members and therefore all depends on their active work. Thus everything is very well. It would be good if it remains the same. Actually I”m sure that further it will be much better. Since the System is absolutely fair and sincere. Everyone can see it and conceive, and therefore they tell all the people they know about it, I guess. As all you need to do is just speak the truth, that everyone really gets paid and all these interests are accrued honestly. There is no deception or abuse here. Nothing. Just absolutely transparent, fair and good System. OK, in fact, I repeat it every time and all are evidently bored with it, but it is worth saying again. That”s the way it is. All is fine and will be even better. As well, I believe that the Financial Apocalypse is inevitable. Together We Change the World!