Hello! Here is the news. Traditionally the news is good: everything is wonderful and great! Everyone gets paid. As the participants wrote to me: the really important thing that we”d like to hear from your video – everyone gets paid :-). You can see it personally from Testimonials, and still you discuss it with each other. So, there”s nothing to add. You know everything by yourselves. Therefore as usual there”s no  particular news. I”m just stating the fact that things are going well, smoothly and in a quiet way. I”d appreciate if it remains at the same level. Though let me repeat for the umpteenth time that it doesn”t mean you should slow down and sit back, but continue to propagate the System”s ideas and bring them to the people, keeping in mind that money isn”t of great importance to us, but Ideology. Always remember about it. That you share kind things with others, enlighten them about existing unfair status quo in the world. In fact MMM has been created for all that, and not for the fact that someone could make high profit here. You should always bear it in mind. OK, as a whole, I”m repeating everything is simply marvelous. Looking forward I”m sure it will be even better. Then, see you next time.

As well, I believe that the Financial Apocalypse is inevitable. Together We Change the World!