MMM in India restarts

For two days – from 9 a.m. april, 24th – till 9 a.m. april 26th, all MAVRO will be undergoing recalculation. During this period software will not be functioning. The algorithm is next:  total amount of purchased confirmed Mavro minus total amount of withdrawal, plus 10%. This is to ensure from our side that all who have not yet received help – will get it for sure.This amount will be credited to participant’s virtual accounts, but 95% of the amount will be temporarily frozen. 5% of the amount will be released and will be available for withdrawal or conversion into 30% MAVRO at any time.
Slowly, step by step, Frozen MAVRO (DEBT) will be in the process of releasing as the system grows and progresses. But we can say that due to the large number of new participants, wishing to give help, it will happen soon. We also want to mention that in the programm code –  the priority will be given for new MAVRO, which means that new MAVRO will be paid by participants in the first place, and only then, gradually, old MAVRO will be realeased  step by step.
In order to prevent abuse of alignment, “bonuses” will be introduced as per new rule: Manager “bonuses” from the structure of direct downline manager of the same level – are equal to a minumum level “bonus”, which is  0.1% Together with this –  the level of control and the demand of the work from all the managers will be increased. This is especially regarding organizing social and charity events.
The restriction on the maximum deposit as it is Rs 50,000. But, pay attention, that the restriction applies only to “new money”. For example, if you have already provided help for 50 thousand rupees and after that – you received help for 1 lakh rupees, you are eligible to give help again equaling exactly to the amount of 1 lakh, but manager and referral “bonuses” will not be calculated again. “Bonuses” are given only  for “new money”. More detailed information can be found in the news section in your virtual account. Participants who will get frozen MAVRO after Restart – can also buy new MAVRO but not more than for 50,000 rupees.
So, purchase of new MAVRO will be available on April 26th. 30% MAVRO are released after one month of purchase. Manager and referral “bonuses” will be available for withdrawal immediately after the confirmation of downline/referral’s MAVRO. 
Also, now every manager has an opportunity to join new participants in Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand directly from the structure of India, without registering again in these countries. To do this, during the registration process simply select  necessary country. You will be able to get and withdraw manager and referral “bonuses” from the participants registered in other countries – in your Virtual Accounts in India.
The launch of more countries is in process and coming soon.
 It is just the beginning!
We Can Do A Lot!
We Are Changing The World! And We Will Change It For Sure!!!