Dear Mavrodians!!!
All the Tickets with appropriate reasons- will be solved during the CALM REGIME. You will get a reply in your Virtual Acoount. Please, don’t make it more difficult for our operators by writing senceless tickets in Feedback.
The most common issues and formats of tickets can be seen here-
We remind you, that as per “Rules”
The other reasons for ID’s which will be deleted permanently from the System without option to restore are:
 – If a participant is a Recepient and does not confirm receiving of funds from another participant within 48 hours after the payment is made;
 – If there is anything else other than authentic proof of document is attached by Sender (E.g- fake slip or wrong slip or any image etc.);
 – if a participant tries to misguide by sending false information to MMM-CRO. 
Please, first always double-check, that you have attached the corect slip!
 Please, don’t attach any phrases on pieces of papers etc!!! REMEMBER, if there is no authentic proof of document attached –  your ID will be DELETED anyways!!!
This is all done to avoid FRAUD in our System, and make it stronger! Managers, please, always inform CRO if any FRAUD activity is found in your downline! 
 Those, who don’t take action agains fraud – will be demoted to Participant level!
MMM-CRO in India