MMM India: Internet competition “MMM Internet revolution!”

Since  14.05.2013

We are being asked a very common question these days ie. How to Become an Online Consultant? 

Now we are coming up with an official reply to your question in form of ” A Competition – “MMM Internet revolution!”.

Those who win this competition would be considered as our Online Consultant for MMM India Website.

What is this competition and what are the rules to follow?

Competition is very simple, we need to promote our Website and for that need maximum links from other web pages/blogs/face book/websites/forums/ etc towards our website.

We believe most of them are already doing such things but now your efforts could be rewarded with a prize “Online Consultant “in our website.

We have 50 Seats as our Online Consultant!

Rules & Conditions or Recommendations:

  1. Those who make most of the LINKS to our official website would be considered as Winners.
  2. Every Link will be awarded  1 Point Each and Maximum number of Points will give us Winner.
  3. We will evaluate each and every link using some special software. So you all are requested to work honestly to save valuable time.
  4. Links: Should remain visible for others for at least 3 days.
  5. You May use our Home Page or any other page there is no such compulsion of using only HOME Page for links. For example you can use our NEWS / RULES / Registration / Seminars/ Social actions/ etc.
  6. The main purpose is to bring more traffic to our official website or direct more people towards our Official Website.
  7. The place where you are putting our LINKS should be ACTIVE or LIVE for public.
  8. Only Correct Information or publishing MMM in a positive way would be consider as valid link
  9. No Spam allowed only LIVE TEXT would be considered as a valid LINK.
  10. If an online resource poor (low attendance, no activity), then your link in any case is counted as usual.  But such links can make as many, it is not forbidden to do just a normal link.
  11. Connect friends in the process that they have helped you – can and should be. Also recommend that you connect the participants.


Evaluation results:

After creating your Links to our website, you need to submit your work in email.

  1. Create one Excel Sheet and put your all Links in One Column and Make a Total at the bottom of that column. And you need to mention your score in Subject while doing mail.
  2. One URL means ONE LINK and that will be considered as ONE Point.
  3. We need Screen shots of Visibility of Links BUT don’t send in picture format, we need screenshots in LINKS form ( TIP : Use Lightshot software   /”)

Link Address

Screenshot Link Address








1 Screenshot:


1 Screenshot:



Total Points



  1. Send this Email at with a
    Subject  “mmm challenge  4242 points” 
      that means you have to Type your Email ID instead of and in points 4242 you need to put your total number of points. The Total would be calculated automatically in the excel sheet you maintain.
  2. We will evaluate and put Points on your links.
  3. Also next to each link should enter the date of its placement (remember accepted only fresh links, ie links created to 14.05.2013).
  4. Administration of MMM INDIA reserves the right to give more points for quality links.
  5. Awarded a place of honor on the site 5 people who Rank up the most points during for 10 days.
  6. Those who score less may try again and their New Points would be added in their Old Points.


–        Forums: You may start a new thread in the forum. No matter what. But it is important you start any topic on MMM India with great care. BUT the important part is the LINK of our website-

–        Blogs. If you have a well-promoted blog, then you can at least once a day to write it in an interesting post about MMM INDIA or something adjacent and put there a link to the official site.

–        Most visited sites. If you have the opportunity to put a banner ad or a link to a good website, the place, of course. Be counted.

–         Necessarily involved in the discussion of the greatest possible number of people. The more comments or posts in your subject, the greater the chance of an opportunity to be a reference quality.

–        It is very effective to first select the specific news on the main site, and after the pick under her thread on the forums, discussions, blogs, and comments on popular sites, including the news.

–        If you do not have a popular blog, links to the main website can and should be left in the comments to the popular posts on other blogs. Comments should not be empty logs from users and, especially, anonymous. You should leave a sensible and reasonable, smart comments. But it should appear at first page.