We all know that the limit for depositing funds for each participant – is minimum 5,000 and maximum 50, 000. But this works ONLY for “new money”. For “old money” there are no limits. How does it work?
If you have already provided help for 50 thousand and after that – you received help for more than 50 thousand (for example 10 lakhs), you are eligible to give help again equaling exactly to that amount i.e. 10 lakhs, BUT NOT MORE.
This is the concept of Mutual Aid Fund. If you have difficult times and need help – take it, but later, when you have free money, by returning this “old money” back to the System – you can give help to someone who need it that moment. And you are not at risk, right? You already received more funds than you gave. Why not to help someone?
Now, first of all it relates to managers, many of whom already received help from others – and it was NOT ONCE. The System automatically calculates all your transactions, and technically allows you to buy Mavro for more than 50, 000.
“Give if you can, Take if you have to”
If everyone understands this concept – MMM System can live forever! 
And one more Reminder!!! Dear managers – withdraw your bonuses – and spend for promotion the idea of MMM via advertising wherever you can!!! That’s for what manager bonuses are there!!!
Together, We Can Do More!!!
And we are changing the world!!!!