Hello! Here”s the news. Things are progressing well in the Philippines. So, I don”t say excellent, since everybody evidenced malfunctions in the work of POs, which surely makes all nervous, however, I”d like to say the following: all these failures are just the determinants that the System is developing too fast. Absolutely all firms and companies face the same from time to time. The main thing is that they don”t have a steady nature. But we experience just single instances :-). Therefore they can”t give any particular troubles at all. Moreover, as the System is evolving very fast, there”s a necessity of hardware replacement. Thus we are installing already new servers. But all that will take place in the background. It means that the members won”t even notice anything, as we aren”t going to terminate working process. Thus everything is in due course. As for the rest, I”m repeating, all is as usual: there are a lot of offline events in the Philippines as you know it by yourselves. And as always in my videos I”m asked through the reports to mention, what I”m doing with great pleasure, that there”s the first anniversary of the MMM Community”s activity in the Philippines. My congratulations to all of you! As well let me congratulate you on the Guider”s conference in Cagayan de Oro City. And I particularly appreciate the contribution of the guiders James Po and Anton Bernardo as the host of the event. Let me make special mention of it and recommend that everyone should follow their example. And as for the rest I”m saying again everything is good and will be even better. You can see personally the testimonials: everyone gets paid. In this way all is wonderful in the Philippines. OK, then see you next time. As well, I believe that the Financial Apocalypse is inevitable! Together we change the world!