First login after registration in MMM Global

First login after registration in MMM Global

Say to your email service never send messages from to Spam. If you have gmail, go to the filters

do not skip mmm messages on email



1. Go and press login-to-mmm-global button

2. Then type your e-mail (better to have gmail or yahoo email) and press Get a new password?.


Then send-a-request-to-recover-password-mmm-global. Like here:


3. You will get e-mail with one link. If Inbox folder empty – check SPAM!!! You can get Spam folder here in gmail account. Click on the link in the message from recover.

May be you will not see Spam folder like here

on the page you will open set your password for MMM cabinetes and confirm it in second field


Then press change-password-button

4. Now you can login to private cabinet of MMM system. Go, presslogin-to-mmm-global , then type e-mail / password and press button


then next

5. Then change language and refresh page in browser


6. This is your invite (referral) link which you can post on forums, social networks, some news sites in comments. For example can post: Money live here. Use international version


7. Try to use this:


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