How to add new participants (for all) even you are not manager of MMM

How to add new participants (for all) even you are not manager of MMM

If you are already participant you can invite you friends and get bonuses in 10% from them deposits. If you want to get more – write to your manager to become manager too. In this case you’ll be receive +3%.

1. Go – for Indonesia or for other countries (or if you want to register with your invite) and fill form. In field “Invite” type your invite which you can set in private cabinets on you page here Press red button to submit form.

Example for Indonesian people:

2. After you’ll see this screen. It means that manager of MMM (your manager) will register your friend.

What will see MMM manager?

1. In menu of his MMM account he will see one new preliminary registration

2. Manager only need to press “Add” button to approve new user as participant of MMM.

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