How to get new users by INVITE?

How to get new users by INVITE?

Invite (or referral) link you can set and find URL on Profile Page

You can go several ways. I give some examples:

  1. Visit cards
  2. Magazines
  3. Print INVITE on money (don’t prohibited by law)
  4. Internet forums, billboards, sites, social networks. Make sign of forums like this Money live here
  5. Ads, print something…

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Step by Step Instructions for Software in MMM (english version) 

1. Regitration in MMM. Join to the Global Financial Network

2. First login after registration in MMM

3. How to approve your manager and your referer?

4. How to buy Mavro in MMM (open deposit)?

5. How to sell Mavro in MMM (close deposit)?

6.1. Registration by INVITE (for all)

6.2. How to add new participants (for managers only)?

7. How to get new users by INVITE? (YOU ARE HERE)