Hello! Here”s the news. Everything is wonderful in South Africa. The System is evolving very fast. However there arise some problems :-), yet I told you that when there are no problems there”s no news, and when there are problems, the news is right on cue. As all are aware this week there were instability in the working of POs, some had access issues, well you know it by yourselves. What I”m going to tell you is that all these PO malfunctions are connected with too rapid growth of the System, our servers fail to keep up with it. In other words these are merely technical issues which absolutely all firms and companies face from time to time. So it goes, but this how we should consider them. That is to be completely convinced if there is no access to your PO then some time later it will be available, that this is just merely technical breakdown. Now we are acquiring new and modern servers, the most powerful :-). Since the System is so fast in its development that it has become quite necessary. All maintenance work will be in the background. It means that the members won”t even notice anything, I guess, as we aren”t going to terminate the PO working. In other words the whole process will be invisible for the participants. It”s a very comfortable situation for them. That”s the way it is. Otherwise everything is great in South Africa. Thus there are a lot of offline events and as you know everyone gets paid. You can read testimonials and see it for yourselves.

Well, as usual concluding my video message I”d like to congratulate on the performance of a MMM Rally and Guiders’ Convention in Johannesburg and to note the contribution of Gladys Kgomongoe to the organization of these events. My warmest congratulations! I appreciate this and call on all the rest to follow her example. OK, then see you next time.

As well, I believe that the Financial Apocalypse is inevitable! Together we change the world!