“Greetings to all the participants of MMM in India! Well, even after, trying hard to stop the panic after the recent events, we were unsuccessful to avoid it. Despite the huge influx of new participants, wanting to give help, the number of people and most importantly the amount with which these people wanted to “GET HELP” was much much more.

Therefore, I declare the restart of MMM in India. Mavro of all participants will be recalculated as next: total amount of purchased confirmed Mavro minus total amount of withdrawal, plus 10%. This is to ensure from our side that all who have not yet received help – will get it for sure. In the beginning, only some part of your MAVRO will be released, but i’ m sure that as the system progresses, in the nearest future, the whole amount will be available for withdrawal or can be converted to 30% MAVRO. Yes, the same as what happened previously at the start in the month of June 2012, for now there will be only one type of MAVRO, which is 30% MAVRO.

Now, it all depends on your activity. If I see that you are able to launch open advertisment campaigh, if you can explain ideology to more and more new participants, Only then, I will be increasing the rate of MAVRO, which is possible even up to 100%. Again, I want to repeat, this is not a pressure for the system, if participants and managers are active and there is no panic.

For Nearly 10 months the system has been working absolutely fine in India, without any glitches, and the percents offered seemed unreal for others. So now for sure we have a great future ahead. this is just the beginning: Creating of political party, shooting of the movie, the work of software is proper, we defended ourselves succesfully from hackers as well. I think, the authorities now will see, that even during restart there is no negativity from people, and finally they will ralize, that we are a society of people who genuinely help each other, and they will co-operate. The speed of growing of the system will become fast soon, it is only the beginning.

Now, about technicalities, I would like to repeat that, the type of MAVRO is only 30%. for the future stability of the system. You might want to question, why were there such varieties of types and bonuses in the beginning? It’s very simple! This is for you to understand that all these high per cents and bonuses are not just fantastic, not just a fairy tale, but this is REALITY!! So you could actually experience it by yourself, and become sure, about the kind of pressure the System can stand. I think, you already realize it. And if the growth is 30% – you know how stable and strong the System is. By the way, 30% – is also not a joke! This growth is approximately 10 times after 9 months. Where and who is paying theis type of percents?

Also, i know, many web-sites have been created, which copy us and some of them – even use the brand MMM along with my name – agian i repeat – these are frauds and cheaters, who are not connected to MMM or to me. They are cheaters and just collect people’s money – then, gone. We have had the same kind of experiences in Russia as well. Be aware of them, especially when we have some difficulties in our System, thats the time they become active and start cheating people.

About restart. Actually, if we see it the other way, Restart has more positive points, then only the negative ones. Now, everyone will be able to buy new MAVRO, so managers and referrers will receive new “bonuses”. So, i hope that your fear about restart vanishes. I know many people are worried that System has not been working for a very long period of time, and think that what is the outcome of the restart.

Well, Nothing bad will happen. No worries, just continue to work hard, after restart the System will only be growing better and faster. And now you will see it by yourself. So, don’t lose time, its just the begining, so join MMM, work hard, the whole world belongs to you. It’s just the begining for India, a ot more has to be done.

And also, i think, that the crash of the current world Financial System (FINANCIAL APOCALYPSE) is coming soon!!!”