News about MMM in INDIA – 22.03.2013 (

Here we can see the POWER of MMM. MMM has not only changed the way media looks at it in Russia but also in own very own country INDIA. Earlier this NEWS chanel (LEMON TV) has a very negative opinion about MMM. But now that the jounalist who wanted to know the real objective and the prinicples about MMM have understood what really MMM is all about.

The moment people REALIZE what MMM is really about they opinion about MMM is changing considerably. There is no chance of it being the other way!!!

So it everywhere, So Mavrodians – start getting used to it!!!

In the begining, especially when they have no idea about it, they are bound to criticise and fight with us, but once when people actually understand us and they will turn into people who want to create a worl full of kindness and a world of Justice will come forward and JOIN US!

We heartfully thank all participants responded to this, and took their precious time to donate blood. You dont know how much you have contributed and how this action may save – somebody’s life.

In Future please Help each other to change the world into a better place to live in, and then together we will change it!!!