Dear Mavrodians!
Now you can log-in to your Virtual Accounts!
Here are Clarifications about Restart.
After Restart – all MAVRO you purchase is – “new money” (new MAVRO). That means – minimum is 5,000 INR – maximum 50, 000 INR. (“Rules” № 3)
Referral and manager  “bonuses”  will be given on “new money” (new MAVRO) «deposited» by participants. (“Rules” № 28)
Referral “bonus” is 5% from the amount deposited. Manager “bonuses”: 1st Level- 5%, 2nd Level- 1%, 3rd Level- 0.5%, 4th Level- 0.25%, 5th Level onwards- 0.1%. (“Rules” №23 )
Manager “bonuses” from the structure of direct downline manager of the same level – are equal to a minumum level “bonus”, which is   0.1%.  (“Rules” №24 )
For example, your direct upline is 1k and you are ten’s managers, then – you become hundred manager, then – thousand’s manager. AFTER you reach the level of your Direct Upline – he/she starts getting ONLY 0.1% “bonus” from any “deposit”, confirmed by the participants from your structure. BEFORE that – his/her “bonuses” are as per level.
For more informtion, see here