MMM Global vs MLM

So, let’s make a comparative analysis of MLM companies and the system MMM (MMM GLOBAL).

1. In any MLM company a big portion of money goes onto purchase of the goods which this company sells. So, if the company is properly organized then about 50% of all investments and contributions of the participants go for purchasing new goods and products of this company. And only 50% of the whole income of the company is going on benefits and payments to the members of this company.

In MMM 100% of all funds go for PAYOFF to the participants of the system. It means that you and the participants whom you invited to the system will earn much more than in any MLM company (up to 10 times more).

2. In MLM company only a small amount of people can really succeed. These are the people who can sell products and recruit new members on the ongoing basis. They build big progressive downline network teams. The number of new participants should constantly increase!


With MMM everybody can succeed! You should not worry about new members at all. What can retire people, housewives or students do in terms of a big business? Can they grow a big and successful network? I think they cannot! At least not all of them can this is for sure! Many people cannot sell products or recruit new members. But in MMM you can simply make a deposit and you will get helped in one month time. It’s so easy! This is a huge advantage of MMM system! For example, you put in MMM just only 500 USD. You will not do any more deposits. Still you can ALREADY earn EACH and every month 150 USD. :)) This will be help to you from other participants. Not bad, right? Alternatively, you can withdraw 650 USD next month after you made a deposit in MMM. Or if you have a little bit more patience to wait, you put 500 USD for 3 months. This will make 1860 USD just in 3 months!!! Absolutely everybody can do it!

3. To earn and get big money in MLM company you have to work hard constantly increasing your network, to build it powerful and strong enough. Because the % allocated to the payments is only 50% of all the money circulated in the company. Plus a LOT OF MONEY goes to the Leaders of this company who are on the very top. And it is not that simple at all: the more people you attract the more sales you make. Hence your income grows. An MLM company is interested in selling their products. That is why actually this company was organized in the first place. And here is a contradiction: on the one hand to pay their distributors more so they can invite and build their teams. While on the other hand the management and owners should try to leave more money in the company for themselves. Don’t forget: the company is created to generate profit for them.


You don’t need to build huge network teams in MMM in order to gain huge profit. In MMM it is possible because 100% of all funds which are collected in MMM are going to PAYOFF to the members of the System. Money goes to all of those who build and lead their network teams. It is possible to achieve this due to the fact that not all money would be taken out from the system at the same time. The largest part of all money stays within the System which allows to pay more money to the members. So, with the same effort MMM pays much more than any MLM company even a successful one. MMM pays 5-10 times more… It’s up to you, where you want to achieve your goal.

4. A market for MLM companies is extremely constrained. You have to make a lot of effort to overcome existing limits to earn more and more. There is a tough competition between all members of the market. You need to sell huge amounts of goods if you want to succeed in your MLM. Only a small number of people can sell a product. And of those people who can sell only a few would become really successful leaders.


In MMM a market is not constrained at ALL! In any country of the world the system MMM is out of any business competition. Your market – is all 100% of people! Everybody is interested in getting profit and living a better life.

5. In MLM company a network team cannot grow by itself. You need to find and recruit new people into the company. You have to do it all the time so that you can sell more and more goods. Finally you need to teach others so they can sell and recruit new members by themselves. You need constantly sell and foist new goods to the people.


In MMM your network grows by itself. It is possible because everybody gains profit from MMM. It doesn’t matter if you can sell or not, whether you can build big network or not. When everybody receive money from the MMM System that is the main and the best advertisement. You get money from MMM and your friends will see that. So they also will join MMM because everyone wants to have an additional income or help from someone.

6. An MLM company first of all interested in profit. Every owner of the company wants to enrich himself. Here you can have only a certain compromise where 50% of all the profits of a company go to the owner of the company. The rest 50% go to the distributors so they involve more and more people and sell more goods.


In MMM there is another concept. It is aimed for everybody to succeed with MMM and start to live a better life. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! MMM is a mutual aid-benefit society. All the money goes to the benefit of the people. All 100% of the money is going into the pockets of the participants of MMM.

The system MMM is aimed to improve the lives of ordinary people. So people begin to think about spiritual self-improvement and not only about how to feed their families, how to give a good education to their children etc.


7. In MLM company when the leader reaches any levels he need to pursue the SALES scheme in strict order. If he does not reach his monthly target then his income will decrease rapidly. It means that he can’t work the way he wants to. So called “Freedom to work as much as you want to” is just an unreachable illusion for most of MLM distributors. If they want to have a good income they must work really hard. If the person in MLM decides to go on holiday he will definitely lose his income for that time period. Alternatively, he’ll spend all holiday on phone calls, Skype etc. He will be nervous about his downline network whether it works well without him or not. This does not apply only to the super successful Top Leaders. If you want to become one of them it is necessary to work very hard for a few years usually. Moreover, only a few people can become such Top Leaders. It takes a long time, strong motivation and persistence.

Also, in MLM company higher sponsors are pressing on their downline participants. They constantly demand and push their dowline to do more sales and to increase network developing. This pressure is very unpleasant. There is no real FREEDMMM OF ACTION for MLM distributors.


The SYSTEM MMM does not require achievement of any targets from its participants. This Social Financial Network is being developed only by those participants who wants to do it. Nobody is pressing on them like «make your work faster and do more sales!». The participant of MMM is A MASTER to his own life. This is not an empty promise like it is in MLM. It has been proved in practice by many people. When someone managed to build his downline network in MMM his income becomes stable. It will not decrease sharply at any point due to the fact that there are no certain sales plans (like in MLM). So, he is not obligatory to achieve any sales targets like in MLM companies. His profit is much larger and stable. MMM leaders do not have to keep working so hard so that they won’t lose the level they once achieved (like in MLM). If the MMM leader stops to invite people his bonuses compensation percentage will not decrease. His downline network develops by itself. Once people received real mutual aid in MMM they willingly share this news with the relatives and acquaintances. And this personal example is the best advertising.