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Author Dr. Anatoly Unitsky
Dr Anatoly Unicky


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Modern transportation problems and their solution in this short and bright video.

Australian company MBM has developed a preliminary estimation of expenses on the SkyWay rail system in accordance with the construction techniques and conditions applicable in Australia. MBM company is engaged in the management of the project costs in Australia. Its research confirmed the possibility and viability of SkyWay implementation in this country, as well as economic advantages of SkyWay transport compared with traditional tram and railway lines. The document became a kind of proof that SkyWay is a beneficial alternative to the transport existing in Australia. The results of the analysis have shown that SkyWay system will provide substantial savings compared with the cost of a tram or railway line. Our foreign colleagues will use the results of this research, promoting the project in Australia. The actual cost will be determined later, when there will be a specific proposal and when our Australian partners will be able to make commitments on a more detailed design.

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Intellectual fencing, machine vision – the more is the advance of technology, the more anthropomorphic, “humane” it becomes. The reason is that it is made really for people. This is the main principle of work for the SkyWay design and project engineering enterprise.

We offer to your attention a new SkyWay video, after watching of which you will learn why no one can call the SkyWay transport a soulless machinery.

Annual Report of Sky Way for December 30, 2015

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About SkyWay author Dr. Anatoly Unitsky
Dr Anatoly Unicky

Anatoly Yunitsky is the General designer of innovative technology and string transport, a scientist and inventor, author of over 200 scientific papers, 18 monographs and more than 100 inventions in the field of construction, transport, machine building, electronics and chemical industries. He is the creator of string and planet-wide transport systems, as well as a number of transport infrastructure projects based on string technology.

The innovative string technology started its development 37 years ago, when Anatoly Yunitsky decided to optimize the transport system by making it accessible, highly efficient and safe. Despite the obvious commercial potential and interest of the scientific community, the project was not implemented because of innovation risks and the almost complete lack of financial support from official agencies. During this time, the string transport project has evolved from the stage of an engineering idea to the stage of a “crouch start”. In 2001, the technology of erecting a string-rail track structure, supports, basic components and elements of string freight transport have been successfully piloted on the test site built at the town of Ozyory of Moscow region. The current level of development of the string transportation technology allows to immediately begin designing a particular route type and order the production of rolling stock.

The most ambitious scientific project by Anatoly Yunitskiy, advancing ahead of time and having no analogues all over the world, — the development of a non-rocket transport system, — is a General Planetary Vehicle (dubbed GPV). GPV allows to bring industries hazardous to human health out into the near space due to internal forces of the system.

The novelty of Dr. Yunitsky’s inventions is confirmed by Russian, Eurasian and foreign patents for inventions.

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