Structure MMM «SEVEN» now in GREECE. JOIN IT with US

Registration in MMM Greece: SEVEN structure by this link

Set in field Страна *: Греция (Country *: Greece),
Выбрать структуру *: SEVEN (Select structure *: SEVEN)
and Инвайт: greece4u (Invite: greece4u) (or your consultant invite)

mmm seven greece registration

Manuals for new participants: – How to give help – Order – How to add account for transfer money – exchanging money in Perfect Money
comming soon – How to get help

Rules of MMM SEVEN structure (shortly):
1. Deposites
MAVRO 20% – for 1 mont deposit
MAVRO 30% – for 3 month deposit

2. Consultants bonuses:
1 line consultant will get 5% from this participants deposit
2nd – 3%
3rd – 1%
4th – 0,5%
all other levels – 0.1%

3. Bonuses for invitation:
refferal bonus – 10%

4. Limits in structure:
limit for giving help 1000 eur in a week
limit for geting help 250 eur in a week

5. Bonus for first time deposit:
5€ – if you are give help from 50€ to 99€
10€ – if you are give help from 100€ to 199€
20€ – if you are give help from 200€ to 299€
30€ – if you are give help from 300€ to 399€
40€ – if you are give help from 400€ to 499€
50€ – if you are give help from 500€ and upper

6. Also in structure you can use Mavro exchange. You can make present to participant or transfer mavro for shoping…

7. MMM SEVEN works also in Greece, Israel, Spain, Cyprus, Ukraine, Russia

8. Last main rule for people who want to be consultant: he/she have to bring 7 or more participant who will make deposit and confirm it. Only in this case participant can become manager in MMM Greece of structure called SEVEN.