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As you know we don’t like to use e-currency. Why? Becouse with bank transfers we have small commission inside one country.

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Here we can see the POWER of MMM. MMM has not only changed the way media looks at it in Russia but also in own very own country INDIA.  Earlier this NEWS chanel (LEMON TV) has a very negative opinion about MMM. But now that the jounalist who wanted to know the real objective and the prinicples about MMM have understood what really MMM is all about.
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Do you yet want MMM!?

Some history to you… The idea of MMM started in Russia. It’s mutual aid fund and social network like Facebook.

Our site presents MMM International version for MMM ASIA: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore.

Registration in MMM Asia:

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For more information please read:


MMM INDONESIA SITE(for registration use intive – sogood);

MMM BANGLADESH SITE(for registration use intive – bangladesh);

MMM HONG KONG SITE(for registration use intive – hongkong);

MMM CHINA SITE(for registration use intive – china);

MMM SINGAPORE SITE(for registration use intive – singapore);

MMM MYLAYSIA SITE(for registration use intive – malaysia);

MMM NEPAL SITE(for registration use intive – nepal).

Participants help each other by sending money to person who needs it the most. After a while some other people help you by transferring you an amount which is larger than you deposited in the first place. The amount of mutual aid increases up to 30% per month (from 25 April 2013) due to the value growth of Mavro (virtual currency in MMM System). You buy Mavro the same way like broker purchases stock at the Stock Exchange.Currently in the network MMM there are more than 35 million of registered users. It is spreading across the globe faster than any other network in the world.Current financial system in our world is built by banks. They are lending us our own money. Everybody understands that the money is spread among different people in the world unfairly. Contrary to that Social Financial Network MMM allows you to create direct financial relationships between the other participants. Everybody will get profit from this kind of relationship. This network is a pure financial pyramid. However, if you consider the concepts of any other modern financial institution you will realize that they all work on the same kind of concept. All the banks, social insurance funds, pension funds, world’s currencies are in fact financial pyramids. They all operate the same way. They pay to people from the money of other people that have already been collected. We do the same thing. The only difference of MMM from all of them is that we talk about it openly.

The standard system of financial pyramids has existed for a long time in our society. Just to emphasize this once more: all banks, the insurance companies, pension fund or even the world currencies (EURO, USD etc.) are in fact the financial pyramids. They all operate (legally!) for years, some of them even for centuries. Nowadays most of the people in the world are tighten by economic restrictions of loans, mortgages, liaising etc. These restrictions are used as the mechanism of controlling people. We are all working hard during all our lives and have not yet get FREEDOM. We are still like slaves in the ancient society, if you think about it. There are Masters of life and there are Slaves. The only difference is that our chains are now not made from metal. We are all tightening by our economic responsibilities and obligations.

So, nowadays the modern financial institutions as banks can easy control people. They give us all sorts of guarantees promising us a good life if we bring them our money. Comparing to all other systems, the MMM System has one big difference. It is based on honesty and trust of its participants towards each other. The information that MMM cannot provide any guaranties is open to the public. We do not hide the truth. Our approach is exactly opposite to the current financial system of banks, world currencies like EURO, USD etc. They all give you a lots of guarantees and we all know that no one financial institution is 100% reliable in the time of global financial crisis.

So, before you make a decision to participate in our system — BE CAREFULL.

However, if you still think the bank is not a pyramid you are wrong. If you think the bank is a safe place to keep your money then why the banks become bankrupt? It happens very often. What do they guarantee? Can they guarantee you 100% that they will not become bankrupt? No, they cannot. Then why do they keep giving us all kinds of promises and guarantees? Moreover, the bank can offer you maximum of 10% PER YEAR while MMM offers you increase of 30% PER MONTH for your deposit. However, the banks and other financial institutions keep all the profit to themselves while participants of MMM help directly to each other.

How MMM participants exchange their money?

You send your deposit to another participant in the MMM System as a gift. Hoping, that later on somebody else will send you a gift too (which would be larger by 100% then amount that you deposited). However, the best way is to consider it as a pure gift that you can afford to make to an unknown person.

Please note that MMM is not a bank or any financial institution. MMM is not loaning your money. It is rather like a huge safe where people put their free money. When they need to take out some money they can do it. What is a free money? It is how much you can afford to lose in the worst case scenario. So, before you make a decision to participate you need to understand the way it works.

Please keep in mind that there are no guarantees for anything. However, the participants of MMM System are sending each other these gifts for almost 2 years by now. The gift you receive after a while is increased in value of your original deposit up to 100% each month.


The Social Financial Network is absolutely 100% legal. It covers already more than 64 countries all over the world. It’s obvious and logical, that not many people outside the Russian speaking zone (which covers the population of 270 million people) got to know about MMM. Just imagine what will happen when this network spreads into continental Europe, Asia and North America! Now it is the right time to join!

We usually don’t look, search and find information in Russian, as it is an unfamiliar language and not commonly used in anywhere else. The task of this web page is to give quality information in your native language. Today we stand in front of global social and economic changes. Analyzing the rapid growth of MMM around the world it is likely that this network will reach 100 000 000 participants from all countries this year.