Perfect Money in OceanMoney World Gifts program

As you know we don’t like to use e-currency. Why? Becouse with bank transfers we have small commission inside one country.

I want to show some pluses of Perfect Money: Continue reading

Registration in OM Indonesia (MMM Ideology)

ATTENTION! Do you what join MMM Indonesia? Right now MMM doesn’t work good. We advice to you try OceanMoney Asia Gifts Indonesia program. From 01.09.2014 we don’t see future in MMM Indonesia. OceanMoney is more better!

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“Let’s meeting on, Mavrodians” – Sergey Mavrodi

sergeymavrodionline Let’s date MMM Asia on our date service!!!

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We have special sites for Indonesia, Bangladesh and India:

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On 18 June 2013 there will be an online conference at 21 PM Jakarta time

On 18 June 2013 there will be an online conference at 21 PM Jakarta time. All latest news and further development will be announced. Join us here,80628089

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