The details of Special Offer of MMM Indonesia

This is a great Special Offer for the participants of the International Financial Aid Fund “MMM Indonesia”.
Give help for the amount of 500$ and after 1 month you MAY GET HELP (that’s important to understand) for the amount of 650$.
Alternatively, you give help for 1000$ and after 1 month you MAY GET HELP for 1300$.
However, that’s not all!
All participants that give help for these amounts get tickets for the Lottery:
500$ — 1 ticket.
1000$ — 2 tickets.
The Main Prize is a nice ultra-thin Asus Laptop (11.6”, Intel Dual Core Celeron 1007, 4 GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics, 320 GB)

To participate in this special offer you have to:
1. To be registered at MMM Indonesia ( or you can get registered in 1 min here
Robertus Julyanto: +6287778899002 (city: Jakarta,
Registration here
Syaikhu Akramuddin: +6285296587283 (city: Banjarmasin,
Registration here
2. To press the button to GIVE HELP and to actually send your money to another participant before 15 June 2013 (including this date). If the amount of your HELP is at least 500$ then you get 1 ticket for participating at the Lottery. For amount of 1000$ you get 2 tickets.
The important issue here is you need to actually GIVE HELP, not just only give the request that you are ready to give help.
3. You need to fill out the special form that you have successfully gave help to others.
4. Receive at your email the numbers of tickets.