My Investments to SkyWay 2018

On August 2016 I bought shares for 1,000 USD and got 236,450 shares. Today price for 300,000 shares is 5,000 USD. So, my shares on May 2018 cost 3940 USD. Like you see price for shares of SkyWay already more ~ in 4 times. Buy future! Individual consultations in Facebook.

My Investment Shares:

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How to make your network in Syntera?

Contact me and sign me in Syntera. Big family - big profit!

Announcement by Bitfinex: Ethfinex End of First Quarter. Start of Referral Program.

As we finish our first full quarter of operations, Ethfinex today announces:

the start of our referral program the third distribution of NEC rewards to market makers on Ethfinexthe launch of our new community led token listing process, allowing users of the exchange who hold NEC to receive voting tokens every two weeks to decide which new tokens can be traded. The first vote will begin on the 15th May on the site.
We are excited to have reached this first stage in Ethfinex's development, and to now be ready to welcome new users to our community. Sign up as an affiliate from your account section to help spread the word about Ethfinex, and start earning 24% on fees of new members you invite.

Ethfinex has just completed the third Nectar token distribution to traders, with a total of 1,731,965 NEC credited to reward traders during the last 30-day period. If you have already verified your account and registered for the scheme, you will now be able to see new NEC credite…

KYC in Syntera

We just finished legal verification of our account in Syntera with rules of KYC.
Now we can proceed to do withdrawal.

Ethtrade Club News: Trading Report with Ethereum, Indonesia Inside and Reinvetment of Bonuses

Trading Updates 2018.04.16 - 2018.04.22 By: Ethtrade.Club Trading Team
Date: April 22,2018
Here are some of our trading report for last week. As we all knew Ethtereum (ETH) reached over
$625.00 from its lowest price of $400 for the last month and BITCOIN (BTC) reached more than $9,000 from $6,000.00 last month. While some ALTCOINS (alternative coins) gain more than 2
More information in the trading report. Go to your account.
Ethtrade Club Users from Indonesia Now With Native Language Now our site supports 3 languages: English, Chinese, Indonesian.
If you are a leader from another country and you want the site to be translated into your language.
Write to our support.
Reinvestment of referral bonuses in Ethtrade Now we provide a reinvestment of referral bonus. You need to go to Deposit and withdraw. And you will see the Referral bonuses reinvest section. There you can reinvest any amount on a smart contract. Check your account.