Ethtrade Club News: Trading Report with Ethereum, Indonesia Inside and Reinvetment of Bonuses

Trading Updates 2018.04.16 - 2018.04.22

By: Ethtrade.Club Trading Team
Date: April 22,2018
Here are some of our trading report for last week. As we all knew Ethtereum (ETH) reached over
$625.00 from its lowest price of $400 for the last month and BITCOIN (BTC) reached more than $9,000 from $6,000.00 last month. While some ALTCOINS (alternative coins) gain more than 2
More information in the trading report. Go to your account.

Ethtrade Club Users from Indonesia Now With Native Language

Now our site supports 3 languages: English, Chinese, Indonesian.
If you are a leader from another country and you want the site to be translated into your language.
Write to our support.

Reinvestment of referral bonuses in Ethtrade

Now we provide a reinvestment of referral bonus. You need to go to Deposit and withdraw. And you will see the Referral bonuses reinvest section. There you can reinvest any amount on a smart contract. Check your account.


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